Dr. Sue's Coaching

Leadership / Management Coaching

A few thoughts on the coaching process and how it might look for you:

Most managers seek coaching when they want to handle something better…hire better, delegate better, get better performance, handle internal conflict, give feedback, or build a stronger team. Some want to navigate a change ...by choice (better health, more joy, more success, enhanced relationships, less stress) …or in response to an unanticipated situation (job loss, divorce, illness, loss, midlife urgency). Some are looking for support in dealing with a specific situation (problem employee, team conflict, goal setting, or even personal career development). Others come for more general growth (stress management, leadership confidence, life-balance work, or relationship success). Some want help in achieving both personal and professional goals.

The thing everyone has in common, is that they want something different and need help in achieving what they want.

Usually an initial coaching arrangement involves an exploratory (no fee or obligation) telephone call and a pre-work/assessment. Then a schedule of telephone (or email) contacts is established.

Coaching is billed on an hourly basis. $150 per hour telephone or $25 per email/text questions. There is no fee for quick (under 15 minutes) check-ins.

You may, of course, cancel at any time or book more time as necessary. Of course, for tele-coaching you can be anywhere: on a beach, in your back yard, waiting to board a plane, or en route to a meeting, etc.).

I hope this helps you to decide if coaching is right for you. Basically, you might think of the coaching process as:

“Expanding your life from the inside out with the support of someone who will brainstorm with you, hold you accountable, and remind you of your strengths and your dreams.”