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Teams At Work: 7 Keys to Success

This action guide for teams helps leaders and team members work better together by assessing and then developing seven C’s of effective teamwork: commitment, contribution, communication, cooperation, conflict management, change management, and connections to the larger organization. Teams At Work offers a clear model of high-performance teams and practical tools that any team trainer, leader, or member can use to start-up, recharge, or reinforce a work team. This easy-to- read guide simplifies core concepts and helps members put their knowledge into action. Includes many self-assessments and team development activities.


This nifty little book is designed for the members of a team development process. It is clear, simple, and easy to adapt… it on its own and is free of jargon that would limit its utility.
  -- National Productivity Review

This action guide for working teams should be in the hands of every team member.
  -- Quality Progress/American Management Association

Teams At Work Training Program

Any team leader, supervisor, or trainer can successfully facilitate this program. This is a complete, ready-to-use training package with fully scripted lesson plans for leading seven (7) sessions on the key elements of effective teams (commitment, contribution, communication, cooperation, conflict management, change management, and connections) and an additional action planning session. There are also fifty (50) team building activities, so you can choose to train your teams completely from "A to Z," select separate modules to focus on specific team needs, or choose to conduct brief team building activities.


If your organization is serious about teams, you should seriously consider this program.
  -- Training Media Review

...Extremely beneficial for enlisting participation and kick-starting the team process.
  -- Dan Lambert, Plant Manager Conesville Plant, American Electric Power

The Participative Leader

Getting employees to act like owners takes an empowering leader who knows how to develop high-involvement. This practical book for dealing with the changing role of leaders is just the quick read needed to get buy-in from team leaders, supervisors, and managers. It emphasizes the importance of an empowered work force and shows leaders specific strategies for increasing employee involvement.


This book could be the answer for a harried new leader. It addresses the issues and concerns facing anyone who wants to become an efficient leader and build a strong team.
  -- Quality Progress

This snazzy little workbook represents Suzanne Willis Zoglio’s latest efforts to help employees develop the skills they need to do their job faster and better.
  -- Training & Development

Recharge In Minutes: The Quick-Lift Way to Less Stress, More Success, and Renewed Energy

Ever Feel Stressed, Tired, Or Uninspired? If so, you’re not alone. Three-quarters of U.S. workers say they’re stressed; over 60 percent of doctor’s visits are stress-related. As a nation we’re working harder, sleeping less, and stretching ourselves to the limit. We know we need to recharge, but who has the time? Recharge in Minutes shows you how to get back on track fast! Contrary to popular belief, a week at the beach is NOT the best way to restore your focus, confidence, and energy. Instead, it’s far more effective to refuel as you go. In less time than it takes for a coffee break, you can clear your head, calm down, or renew your zest for life. Ten minutes a day… that’s all it takes.


Suzanne Zoglio has done it again! This is a must-have guide for navigating through challenging times! It’s packed with practical tips for living a full, balanced, and soulful life.
  -- Valerie Rickel, founder, SoulfulLiving.com

This book shows how to refuel on a daily basis so you can be your best and serve at your highest potential.
  -- Marjorie and Ken Blanchard, authors, The One-Minute Manager Balances Work and Life

Create A Life That Tickles Your Soul: Finding Peace, Passion, and Purpose

“It’s never too late to live the life you want! Create A Life That Tickles Your Soul is a guide to living your life from the inside out. Have you ever wished you could just shift gears and lead a more satisfying life? Do you sense that something’s missing, but you’re not sure what it is? Are you tired of all work and no play, or all work and no payoff? If you sense there’s something more in store for you, don’t let another day pass without exploring your possibilities. Whether you want more balance, more adventure, or more meaning in life, now is the time to find it. This inspiring read is full of practical tips on how to live as you wish.